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Amy Yoga

I started my journey into self healing whilst studying Psychology back in 2007. I was suffering with lower back pain, anxiety and depression which conventional medicine was unable to resolve so I began to search elsewhere.


I discovered the benefits of yoga at the age of 19 and my whole life changed. My back pain was eased through the strengthening and stretching of my body and as I developed an increasing awareness of my body, I found that this had the added benefit of helping with my mental well-being. 

After my degree course, I went on to pursue work with students with autism. I implemented what I had learnt through yoga and meditation into my work and found that many techniques proved beneficial for the students. Basic breathing exercises, paired with engaging and relaxing the muscles helped to bring down those moments of anxiety. Regular repetitive yoga practice helped with awareness of where the body is in space. Meditation increased concentration. 

I spent time travelling whilst deepening my own yoga practice and interest into the wider benefits it can bring. During a stay in New Zealand, I undertook Yoga Teacher Training and was fortunate to be given an opportunity to teach, enjoying this new journey from student to teacher. After teaching for a few years, I decided to expand my skills and take a course in Thai Yoga Massage and Reflexology. I took these news skills with me to manage a Yoga Studio in Japan.

Always eager to grow and learn, I decided to integrate a little more of my background in Psychology and I took a course in Life Coaching and NLP. The culmination of my learning enabled me to take up employment managing a yoga retreat in Morocco, teaching yoga and giving massages in a beautiful setting by the sea.

Having met my soulmate, I have now settled in Morocco and run my own business from the mountains near Taghazout. During these challenging times my work is currently online but watch this space for some real life retreats coming in the not too distant future.


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