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Inner Child Healing Journey


Healing Inner Child

Healing Your Wounded Inner Child.

We are all affected by our childhoods and the way that we were raised. This can shape you, but does not have to define who you are now. The first step is to be aware and to recognise what patterns and attachments you have brought with you from birth. In this journey you will work through all the different stages of your childhood and heal your wounded inner child. From there you will learn how to embrace your 'wonder' child.

What is Inner Child Work?

Inner Child Healing is a chance to free yourself from the past. How we are raised impacts us in so many different ways, but ultimately we have a choice of how we live our lives today.

With Inner Child Healing work, we go back through each stage to dig a little deeper into what may be effecting us now in our life. We can highlight areas that may be holding us back and aspects that we can let go of. We also have the opportunity of reminiscing about the fond memories, the good parts that have shaped us into who we want to be. 

It is a journey through our life whereby we get to reclaim and take control of who we are today. It is not about blaming any one or holding grudges, but about seeing experiences from a different perspective, from who we are now. 

Who is Inner Child Healing for?



Whether you had a 'normal' childhood an 'unusual' childhood, or even a 'traumatic' childhood, this work can help you to let go of the past and to find joy in your present. It can highlight why and where negatives habits or patterns have come from and help you to break them.  

It is designed to unleash your inner child, creating a happier, joyful and more carefree you.

What can I offer?


Throughout this Inner Child Healing Journey I bring in my background of Psychology, Life Coaching, NLP, Yoga and Meditation to offer you a more varied experience.

We start off with a short questionnaire to get you thinking about what areas your 'wounded' inner child may need extra healing. From there we will move through the different stages of life one by one, from Infant Stage up to Adolescent Stage. The stages consist of questionnaires, letter writing, reflecting on old photographs and other various exercises to help guide you through. There will also be meditations recorded by me for each stage.

I will be on hand throughout the journey via email if you have any questions, queries or simply need to talk. If at any time you feel like you need more guidance then you can book in for an extra coaching call. I also recommend having a close person (who is not involved) who you can confide in throughout.

Ready to take your journey?

Inner Child Healing

3 ways to Heal Your Inner Child with me...

1. Online via this website - do it all in your own time and go back to it as many times as you like. I will be there along the way via email or messages to answer any questions you may have. Simply scroll down to book onto the course or send me a message.

Price: £35

2. Online Group Course via Zoom - this is perfect if you need a bit more motivation to get through the course. There will be 6 group sessions online were you are able to ask and share if you wish to. You will also receive the booklet and access to the course on my webiste to go back to any time. You can add coaching calls if you feel like you need to talk further at any stage.

Price: £85 (early bird) £120 (regular price)

3. Private Online Course via Zoom - for those that would like more time and space to dig deep and have it tailored to meet your needs specifically. You can schedule these to fit in with what you have going on in your life. It includes 6 private coaching calls, the booklet, meditations plus access to the course on the website.

Price: £240

Private Inner Child Healing Course

Watch the intro video and try the first questionnaire for free.

Watch the video and then download the first section of the support booklet.

Take your time. When you are ready click next page to begin with the Inner Infant Stage. Please note you must purchase the Journey to go to the next page.


Amy is a very warm-hearted and caring person. Her daily online lessons bring a wonderful structure into my life during these strange times. I like her soft and perceptive voice and appreciate her relaxed and clear way of explaining all the different poses and their effects on the body and mind. I learn so much from her and I’m excited and looking forward to her lessons every single day.
Amy, you make this crazy lock down situation a lot easier for me. I can't really imagine to do a yoga class in German ever again... Thank you so much! Namaste


Amy is a really experienced, dynamic and enthusiastic teacher that always brings all her energy to each class. She has a very unique and genuine style that makes you feel at ease. I always feel very energised physically and mentally after her classes, and have noticed a sense of change within.
Highly recommended


After every Life Coaching Session with Amy I feel lighter. It's like she just releases the stress from my head and the tension from my muscles. She has a lot of experience and has helped me to bring yoga and meditation into my life. She really cares and listens. She gently nudges you in the right direction, whilst also encouraging you to find your own solutions.


It's unfair to describe the whole experience of yoga with Amy in a few words. It has almost been two years now and I can see how much better I feel in my body.

What I love about Amy is that she tries to make everyone comfortable during the class. She is absolutely someone that listens to everyone's needs, beginners, people with injuries and pregnant woman.

Very professional, punctual, so patient and knowledgeable, just born to be a yoga teacher.


I took the leap to go on my Inner Child Healing Journey with Amy. Her care and attention is just beautiful. She supported me through each stage, encouraging me to take it all at my own pace. She directs me to books and websites in order to deepen my own learning and understanding of myself. I have grown and learnt so much about myself. I am happier and my family relationships are stronger.

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